Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Muhammad Ali shouts breakfast for 100 at McDonalds in Jakarta.


Global Village Champions Foundation founder Yank Barry and good friend Muhammad Ali, traveled to Jakarta Indonesia on one of their many humanitarian missions to feed hungry people in need.

During their stay Muhammad had a craving for a taste of home. Early one morning around 7 am, Muhammad wanted to go to McDonald's Restaurant. It was approximately one block from the Hilton Hotel, but as you can probably guess, he cannot go anywhere without attracting a crowd. The main concern was that he did not have his body guards with him, but he would not be deterred.

Yank, Muhammad and another friend left the hotel and in no time three people turned into seven, and then seven turned into fifteen as the realization hit that Muhammad Ali was out for a stroll. It was a very busy street and one guy jumped out of his car, leaving it in the street and started following Muhammad with the rest of the crowd. By the time they got to McDonald's it was a mob scene!

Muhammad made his way to the counter and ordered an Egg Mcmuffin and coffee and turned to Yank and said "What do you want?" then turned to their other friend and asked him "What do you want?" They both answered "We will have the same!" At this point Muhammad turns to Yank and says "You got alot of money on you?" Yank says sure and Muhammad shouts out "Breakfast for Everyone" Muhammad treated everyone in the restaurant including the staff behind the counter. By this time the restaurant was jammed with over 100 people.

When the bill came it was over $180.00 and Yank was only carrying $130.00. This took place several years ago so there were no debit machines nor ATM's and they did not take credit cards like they do today. Yank had to find a kiosk bank to withdraw $50.00 to pay the bill. Meanwhile the mob in the restaurant was overjoyed to be sharing their breakfast with "The Greatest"

Right place, right time! A memory that these lucky folks will never forget!

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