Friday, September 07, 2012

No Spotify No. You didn't and have not to date answered the question? When will the Windows Phone App be available in Australia? Simple Question?????

Spotify has been available in Australia for about 6 months now, but they refuse to engage on the question of when their Windows App will be available here. What is so difficult????? Available in other parts of the world, but not for suckers like me who were dumb enough to buy a Windows Phone. I hear the app is pretty crap from the forums, but what the hell. Hello Spotify?????? Just answer the question.

 Spotify Case # 00248667: Windows Phone and Spotify in Australai ref:_00DD0pxIW._500D0Jh12P:ref

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If you have a question about Spotify, your first stop should be the Spotify Community http://community.spotify.com/ for support from other users. This is also a great place to read up on any company updates that might affect your service as well as posting your own ideas and feedback.

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