Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy St Andrews Day Fellow Haggis Bashers! Hae a guid un!

Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, and St. Andrew's Day (Scottish Gaelic: Latha Naomh Anndra) is Scotland's official national day. In 2006, the Scottish Parliament designated St. Andrew's Day as an official bank holiday.

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Adelaide's Stobie Poles

A Stobie pole is a power line pole made of two steel joists held apart by a slab of concrete in the middle. It was invented by Adelaide Electricity Supply Company design engineer James Cyril Stobie (1895–1953) Stobie used materials easily at hand due to the shortage of timber caused by the arid and treeless nature of much of South Australia. In 1924 the pole was patented, Stobie describing his invention as "an improved pole adopted to be used for very many purposes, but particularly for carrying electric cables, telegraph wires... [it] consists of two flanged beams of iron or steel, preferably rolled steel joist of 'H' or of channel sections, placed one beside the other with their flanges inward and preferably at a very slight angle one with the other and held together by means of tie bolts, the space between them being filled with cement concrete.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Photo Hunt: Hand Written

Part of a price list for a cafe in Brighton. Hand written in chalk.on a blackboard.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Venus with Biceps: A Pictorial History of Muscular Women | Brain Pickings


Having competed in amateur (a.k.a. drug-free) bodybuilding in my college years and to this day remaining the dedicated maintainer of a six-pack, I’m tremendously fascinated by the intersection of femininity and muscularity. So I was thrilled to come across Venus with Biceps: A Pictorial History of Muscular Women — a fascinating collection of rare archival images by David L. Chapman and Patricia Vertinsky 30 years in the making, chronicling nearly 200 years of sociocultural narrative on the strong female physique. These women expanded and redefined femininity itself, reining in a new era of relating to the will and the body, but their plight was and remains far from easy, carried out most prominently in the battlefield of popular imagery.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Photo Hunt: Wet

Spotty is not too keen on getting wet. Despite this, he is a good sport when the kids take him for a ride in our pool. He ended up in the pool and very wet. Lots of shaking and rubbing on the ground to get himself dry.

The Jezabels - Hurt Me

Really nice harmonies.

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Mapping Stereotypes Project by alphadesigner

Friday, November 18, 2011

Skywatch Friday: Hills Hoist and Sunset

Our very beat up Hills Hoist, made here in Adelaide and abused by teenage kids at parties, silhouetted against the sunset.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Skywatch Friday

Interesting skies over Brighton last Sunday.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Life in a tank « Flickr Blog

30 Ways The World Used To Be Cooler


These are great. So many fantastic images. Well actually 30.

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Johnny Cash Hurt


BBC News - Kenyan workers given yellow balloons to cheer up


Yazmany Arboleda, the US artist behind the stunt, told the BBC Monday mornings were usually a heavy moment for people.

He said he wanted to give away 10,000 balloons to change this perception.

Continue reading the main story

Start Quote

I believe strongly that countering grenades with balloons could send an important message”

Yazmany Arboleda
"The big idea is to insert the iconography of celebration... [into] the habitual nature of working life," he told the BBC's Network Africa programme, as a team of his helpers handed out the balloons to hundreds of workers arriving by matatu taxis in central Nairobi early on Monday morning.

"We're celebrating them as they go to work and explaining that art is not just a photograph or a sculpture or a painting - it is this choreographed set of balloons as they spread throughout the city."

Artists speak such wank to justify their work.

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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Education Myths That Shape Conferences

Seven Misguided Myths
Here are seven misguided myths about conference education.

1. Listening to lectures increases learning.

Do you want your attendees to hear the presentation or learn it?

While your speakers may be interesting, motivating and entertaining, research shows the audience will forget most of what they hear. Listening does not equal learning. Hearing more information does not translate into remembering more. Pushing more content faster only results in the audience forgetting more, faster.

2. The speaker should do all the talking.

Most presenters assume that launching into their presentation and lecturing is the most essential thing to do. Unfortunately, it is the direct opposite of what they should do so that the audience learns.

When attendees talk to each other about the content, they actually increase their learning. The speaker needs to cut their content and devote more time to participants talking to one another about the main points.

3. It’s how we learned in school.

One of the most common accepted practices is that speakers speak and audiences listen. That’s how we all learned in school. Our attendees expect lectures. Our speakers expect to lecture. It’s been done that way since we were children.

There’s tons of research and proof that we learn best when we are actively involved. We actually learned in school by studying and doing, not listening to lectures. It’s time to teach speakers new ways of helping audiences learn.

4. My speakers are the subject matter experts.

This belief demands two other convictions:
a. That the speaker knows everything there is to know about the subject.
b. That the audience knows very little about the subject.

Both ideas are false. Often the audience knows as much or more than speaker. We need to find ways to let the participants share their experiences with each other.

5. Presentations are supposed to be boring.

Learning should be fun! The more your attendees enjoy the presentation, the more their brains release endorphins (the brain’s pleasure chemicals) which reinforces learning. In fact, the more you enjoy planning the conference and the more the speaker enjoys presenting, the more everyone gets a pleasure rush.

6. My attendees are just like me.

You are not your conference attendees. Your conference participants have different learning needs. What works for you as a learner may not work for others. You need to step out of your comfort zone and plan for new ways of learning. When you do present a new format, give the audience the brain science behind the process so that they understand the why behind the change of the how and what.

7. As a conference organizer, it’s not my job to focus on how education is delivered.

Just scheduling a speaker is not enough. Holding a conference call with the speakers and asking them how they will engage the audience is not enough. You need to understand how adults learn and what today’s brain science reveals about learning. Regardless of your title, if you are involved in planning a conference, understanding brain science will help you do your job better.

During my professional career, these kinds of events were just a boondoggle and had very little impact on my career. Loved the hospitality and the drinks. .

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Hate messages blight US’ first gay homecoming king and queen - PinkNews.co.uk


A Californian lesbian couple who won the homecoming king and queen titles at their high school have prompted a slew of hateful phone calls and emails to their school, officials said.

Rebecca Arellano and Haileigh Adams became the first gay royals in homecoming history at Patrick Henry High School in San Diego last week.

Arellano was voted king on Friday and Adams voted queen on Saturday by the student body.

When her girlfriend was crowned, Arellano wrote on Facebook: “I was happier than when I won, my little Haileigh has just been announced Homecoming queen and I couldn’t feel happier!”

“Thanks to every single one of you! You guys made this happen and we are all part of something huge. I can’t fully express how grateful I am. I am in completely shocked that this happen. My girl looks absolutely flawless.”

But messages phonecalls and emails soon began to flood the school. Officials did not detail the messages but described some of them as disturbing.

At the time, Adams admitted that not everyone had been so supportive.

She said: “We have a lot of support, but there are also a lot of people who are angry about it.

Good on you guys. I do not get emotional about many things, but this made me sad.

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Whack-A-Kitty - YouTube

No Animals were hurt in the making of this video.

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Now is the TIME

Saturday, November 05, 2011

How Newspaper Editors try to frame the argument and keep us reading.

With every news publisher jumping on the topic page bandwagon, it’s become a race to the bottom in terms of quality. News readers are now inundated with too many topic pages that offer too little value. Not only are they starting to look the same, a lot of these pages are optimized for the GoogleBot (for SEO reasons) rather than human readers. In a quest to increase eyeballs and pageviews, we’ve forgotten the basic premise and goal of the topic pages: to provide readers with more context. So here are some tangible ideas to help your company create topic pages that stand out from the crowd, add value to the lives of your readers and still allow you to address your SEO and monetization goals.

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Janelle Monae Tightrope Live at Glastonbury

Rules of Life according to Elvis


1. The typical train is 16 carriages long.
2. All food in Germany consists of hasenpfeffer and black pumpernickel.
3. The Heartbreak Hotel is located at the end of Lonely Street and its desk clerk dresses in black.

Many more at the link. Thanks James.

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What is the meaning of Stonehenge?

What Guy Fawkes failed to do

And what many people would like to do to current parliaments.

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Photo Hunt: Light

Sun shining through clouds in Edwardstown last Wednesday morning.

WH Smith have pulled off a publishing coup

HUBshot - Planking with Wheels?


Across the internet a strange, new social craze has been growing in popularity. And Blip has been caught up by it.
A deluge of pictures are being shared by bike riders posing with their bikes in strange, famous and unusual settings... with their bikes held aloft, above their heads.

But what's it all about? And will it become the new planking?

It's called a HUBshot (HoldingUpBike shot) and it seems that the Blipfoto Cycling Group has been early adopters of the craze.

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Friday, November 04, 2011

Zorba the Greek Yolngu style

Sad about the death of one of the Chooky Dancers. You guys have great style.

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Can We Fix It?

Tug Toner Commercial - Funniest commercial of the week.

Must have fitness tool. You can work out with a friend, in the car, even in the office.

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Exploring Abandoned NSA station on Teufelsberg « Flickr Blog


Fantastic retro scenes.

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Skywatch Friday

Morning sky in Edwardstown.

More nice skies at Skywatch Friday

Everyone needs a portable fart cushion


The Flat-D Chair Pad is an activated charcoal cloth pad that is placed on your favorite chair. The user is virtually unaware of its presence because it is thin and comfortable. It is also inconspicuous to others viewing it. The black activated charcoal cloth pad is washable and reusable. Many users get several months of use out of it. When gas is expelled the pad absorbs the odor normally associated with the gassy discharge or fart. This flatulence filter thin cloth pad has high absorption of flatulance odor or flatus. It utilizes the highest grade of activated charcoal available to guard or protect you for your bloating or digestion needs.

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