Saturday, May 01, 2010

South Pacific tribe preparing for return of ’god’ Prince Philip - Telegraph

On a remote island in the South Pacific, villagers are counting the days until they welcome their god back to his rightful home.

The people of Yaohnanen on the island of Tanna believe a man descended from one of their spirit ancestors will return next month to live among them. While he was away he lived in a vast palace, but when he comes home he will sleep in a hut and hunt wild pigs with his tribe.

The man they are waiting for is the Duke of Edinburgh and they claim he promised them more than 30 years ago that he would return on June 10, his 89th birthday, to Tanna, which is part of the nation of Vanuatu.

Siko Nathuan, the chief of Yaohnanen, said: “He made a promise that in 2010, on his birthday, he will arrive in Tanna. We know he is a very old man, but when he comes here he is going to be young again, and so will everyone else on the island.” I wonder if he will pop over to see if the wogs are still throwing spears and eating each other

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