Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some International Lamericks #dundeereallyisthatbad

There once was a man from Dundee,
Who molested an ape in a tree,
The result was most horrid,
All arse and no forehead,
Three balls and a purple goatee

A spry violinist from Rio
Seduced a young cellist named Cleo.
As he took down her panties
She said, 'No andantes,
I want this allegro con brio.'

There once was a gaucho named Bruno
Who said, 'There is one thing I do know.
A woman is fine
And a sheep is divine
But a llama is numero uno.'

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Steve Hayes said...

There was a young queer of Khartoum
Who took a lesbian up to his room
They argued all night
Over who had the right
To do what, and with what, and to whom.