Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Rann on back foot as surge in staff numbers and wages dwarfs larger states | The Australian

STAFF numbers in the South Australian Premier's Department are almost double those of other, larger states. This is increasing pressure on Mike Rann as tough budget cuts begin to have an impact on the community.Mr Rann yesterday had to call an Adelaide radio station to defend his staff and wages bill amid growing public anger. 
Staff numbers in Mr Rann's Department of Premier and Cabinet have increased from 716 in 2005 to 1244 last year, according to figures provided by his office yesterday. In Victoria, with a population four times greater than South Australia, Premier's Department staff numbers dropped from 465 full-time equivalent positions in 2005 to 343 last year. 
The Queensland Premier's Department employed 684 bureaucrats last year, up from 517 in 2005.
The Liberal opposition yesterday claimed Mr Rann had been forced to reveal his department had wasted $246,000 in twice remodelling the office of his chief executive. "After three years, two remodelling attempts, $246,000 wasted, we are back to where we were three years ago," opposition finance spokesman Rob Lucas said. 
Mr Rann yesterday called radio station FIVEaa to defend his department's staffing levels: "There was a department called the Department for Administrative and Information Services . . . to save money, we put that under the Premier's Department."

Emperor with no clothes. Has he sacked the footmen, the spin masters, the arse wipers and the food tasters yet?

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