Friday, January 13, 2012

The only smoking kangaroo, should be on the barbie


The Australian Government has hit out at a major tobacco company that is using a kangaroo on cigarette packages overseas.  Australian Attorney-General Nicola Roxon says there is nothing the Government can do to stop one of Australia's most treasured national icons being used to flog cigarettes in Europe.
An image of a kangaroo and the phrase "An Australian Favourite" are on packets of Winfield being sold in France.

The branding of the cigarettes, made by British American Tobacco, has angered health groups and the Federal Government.
One anti-smoking advocate dubbed the image the "cancer kangaroo".
Ms Roxon said while the Government is set to force all cigarettes available in Australia to be sold in drab olive-brown packages from December 1, it has no legal control over the packaging of cigarettes overseas.
But it was inappropriate to use Australia as a marketing tool for a dangerous product, she said.
"Frankly I think it's pretty un-Australian," Ms Roxon said.

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