Sunday, December 30, 2007

Photo Hunt: Messy

Hannah and her friend love to make dinner with everything in the garden. Sand, leaves, flowers...anything. Very creative and great fun but very messy to tidy up. Hannah tends to not be as interested in that part of the activity, so guess who does the clean up.

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Anonymous said...

The bigger the mess - the more fun they had.
Thanks for sharing.

TR Ryan said...

Looks like fun to make and not so much fun to clean up. Great post..great blog, too.

Carver said...

That does look messy but very appealing. Something about dirt, plants, garden gloves and wooden step ladders, that I find aesthetically pleasing.

Unknown said...

ah yes those memories. Aren't you glad kids take baths!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, no,pleeese. Pleeeese get them to help clean it up. At the risk of being the kill-joy, and acknowledgoing that its a great post and great blog too, working in the field of educating our Aussie kids,not many of them know how to clean up their messes,and I constantly have to say , laughing by the way,"I'm not your mother".You gotta love the dirt, you gotta love the mess, but you gotta embrace the consequences!Aaargh, sorry to be the lurking post Christmas grinch,though I do love a good mess with the best of 'em.lol. signed p.t.

Anonymous said...

At least she has fun playing :)

Wishing you the best for 2008!

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Natalie said...

How fun! I remember doing stuff like that when I was little. :)

jmb said...

No time to play this week. Are those kids messing up your new house (outside it's true) already or is that an old photo?

Anonymous said...

Eww... that IS messy and gross too!

How's the weather today in Adelaide? In Melb it's scorching!

My take on the theme:

Have a great new year!

Ms Smack said...

Your house looks like MY house!