Thursday, January 15, 2009

Howard Gets Gonged

The Future Australian President,John Winston "Brown Nose" Howard (in his wet dreams), buffed his street cred with another doubtful Yanqui "Friend of the Neocon" award. He has been finally rewarded for his years of unselfish brown nosing to Dubya and his "Iraq has nothing to do with oil" buddies by being awarded the Order of the Back End of of the Pantomime Horse at a modest ceremony in Dubyaville, soon to be renamed Obamaramaville.

"Boy it has been hot in there and that Dubya guy always decided where to go. I had to follow him everywhere. He had the reins. I just followed up the rear" said the clearly elated former member for Bennelong.

Onya John. We know you did it for all Australians you and Jeanette. Now piss off the world stage with your lame Yanqui friend George. Get back to writing your book and see if you can sell a few more copies than the Australian version of the Back End of the Pantomime Kangaroo.

Giddee Up Skippy

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Lilly's Life said...

Great post, how bloody embarassing is he? What about taking the Whitehouse guest house for a night? Couldnt afford a hotel? He is a true narcissist I think. He has no idea how people really feel about him. He can take his award and shove it where the sun don't shine for all I care. Yes, I should learn to hate less, I know that it's unbecoming.....but not unAustralian.

Jayne said...

Twas giggle-worthy to see Dubbya tightening the medal around Howard's throat in today's paper...if only he'd tightened it that wee bit more....

Colin Campbell said...

Wow Dubya senses the mood of the Aussie public, but backs out at the last minute.

Kelley said...

Bwaaaaaaa haaaaa haaaaaaaa!


Seriously, watching Johnny giggling on the news made me gag in horror. THAT was the head of our country...

TBRRob said...

At least you didn't have Blair.

Nunyaa said...

This is hilarious. Now if only they had of read this on the news bulletin instead of the kissy kissy stuff they did.

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