Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bill Leak, Kevin Rudd and Obama's Bum

This cartoon got many readers of the Australian bent out of shape, to the point where The Australian actually wrote an editorial to defend Bill Leak and his right to lampoon people in power and especially politicians.

I really like his work and clearly he has not lost his mojo after his awful accident, which is great.

Long may he lampoon.

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Anonymous said...

Quite clearly, and by quite a long long way Bill Leak is our best cartoonist.

I'm a righty, but I still laughed out loud at many of his cartoons bagging the Coalition.

If he's getting up the noses of the people who laughed with him when he bagged Howard and now get the sh1ts with him when he bags Rudd, more power to him.

Colin Campbell said...

Totally agree Tony. I couldn't care which side of politics gets lampooned. It is just refreshing what you can do in a cartoon that you would never get away with in a column. I was sad to lose Matt Price, who I thought wrote brilliantly. To lose Bill Leak would be a significant tragedy. Obviously he is not cartooning as much, but quality over quantity any day.