Friday, April 24, 2009

Skywatch Friday

I caught this about an hour ago on a dash to grab some supplies before the ANZAC day holiday tomorrow. We have not had any rainbows in South Australia for about a year, based on the lack of rain. Very uplifting.

More sky shots at the Skywatch Friday Site.


erin said...

gotta a love a rainbow...so cheery.
have a great weekend.

Sylvia K said...

This is a terrific shot! Love those rainbows! Always lifts the spirits! Have a great weekend!

Gaelyn said...

A beautiful rainbow. Hope it brings you rain.

Gennasus said...

Great to see a rainbow, especially when you're needing rain!

Don Wood said...

hope it meant you got some rain .....hope that the day went well I must get back to skywatch a new grandson is my excuse but he will be five weeks on tuesday TIME FLYS