Friday, June 04, 2010

Scots climber, 28, is left to die on Everest after losing sight on way down from the summit.

Peter Kinloch, 28, from Skye, lost his sight as he descended from the 29,029ft summit and his condition deteriorated despite efforts to save him.

Mr Kinloch was taking part in the Seven Summits Challenge where climbers tackle the highest mountain on each continent.

He was struck down just 14 hours after conquering the world's highest mountain last week. He had reached the peak on 25 May but died around 2am the next day.

A blog written by a team mate described how Mr Kinloch began losing co-ordination before losing his sight – a condition he told fellow climbers had struck him before.

Three Sherpas administered drugs and oxygen over a 12-hour period and attempted to coax him down from a point called Mushroom Rock but finally had to abandon him, blind and with frostbite on two of his fingers, at an altitude of 8,600 metres, as the weather deteriorated.

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