Monday, May 30, 2011

Red wine and chocolate are good for the mind, scientists claim | Mail Online


It is the perfect excuse to round off a meal with an after-dinner mint and one last glass of Merlot.
Research suggests that red wine and chocolate are good for the mind.
It is thought that polyphenols - plant chemicals abundant in dark chocolate and wines - widen blood vessels, speeding the supply of blood to the brain.
This provides it with a rush of oxygen and sugars, making complex calculations easier and quicker.
Those who like to indulge will be particularly pleased to know that it is thought that polyphenols are more effective in combination than alone.
In other words, having some chocolate with your red wine could be better for you than just having a drink alone.

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formatii nunti said...

I know that the red wine is also very good for your health, but only on glass per day.

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