Saturday, July 07, 2007

Bubble Wrap Popping

One of the things that I do is to run the Scholastic Book Club at my kids school. I can do everything online, which makes it possible with all the other things I get involved with. The teachers distribute the catalogues and the office takes the orders. I just have to do the order and distribute it when it comes in. I had been putting off distributing it because I was busy, but I had to do it yesterday since it was the last day of term. My kids like that part since they can go through all the cool books and things that people have ordered.

The other thing that they like to do is to jump on the bubble wrap, that comes with the order, making a satisfying popping noise. It is surprisingly addictive and they are always sad when they are all popped. Bubble Wrap is a trademark of the Sealed Air Corporation, who obviously make a bigger better more version of the gazillions of rip off varieties that must be around. If you are curious about the history of bubble wrap, go here. Those seeking personality typing based upon your interactions with bubble wrap, go here.

Just in case you were interested, I am a Twist & Shout Popper

Unconventional, Independent - As a highly individualistic person, you desire the freedom to plot your own course. You are action-oriented and like to see immediate results for your efforts.

You may consider a career as an entrepreneur, culinary chef, or safari guide. What I do know is that I would be crap as an entrepeneur, not sure what a culinary chef, as opposed to plain chef (I have done that and I cook at home). As for Safari Guide, I think that I would get eaten, although I do like animals.

It is the school holidays for two weeks now. My wife is taking the first week off and I am taking the second week off. I am looking forward to it.

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Shades said...

an apathetic popper- I couldn't be arsed to follow the link...