Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Plod Admits Defeat

Hello Hello Hello What Do We Have Here Then?

You would think that these clever clogs would be able to come up with something more clever than this. 

Rank-and-file officers, however, questioned the wisdom of spending police funds on fake officers. Simon Reed, vice-chairman of the Police Federation, said: "While I appreciate that money may be tight for policing, this does seems a drastic solution to avoid paying any salary and pension costs.Ultimately it will be for local residents to decide if cardboard police officers work for their community and are good use of their taxes."
Several forces admitted to having suffered the theft of cut-outs. Three went missing from filling stations in Derbyshire in the past two years, while two were stolen in Cleveland.Humberside reported the theft of one cardboard officer, which disappeared from a Tesco supermarket in Grimsby last November.

At least they haven't been subject to graffiti. Pass the Taser Grandma?


Relax Max said...

Hello Colin. Finally getting caught up a bit. I haven't even told you yet how much I liked your photo in the Santa cap. (I do.)

They are placing fake police car cutouts on curves on some heavily-traveled-but-remote 2-lane highways in Arizona, complete with red and blue lights that flash when you round the curve. So cute. Actually it works with us Americans. For a few seconds at least. A belated happy new year to you and yours. :)

Colin Campbell said...

I think that you can only do that in a few states. I would say that they would get pretty soggy in many Eastern States.

Take care and watch out for those rampaging cardboard plods.

RobW said...

God we truly are all mental. What's going wrong with this world?