Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What About the White Pudding?

Scientists for National Chip Week have deciphered the allure of the humble chip.
a complex blend of scents that includes butterscotch, cocoa, cheese and flowers and ironing boards

The Leeds scientists collected the aroma from cooked chips, then separated the different compounds for analysis by an "aroma-meter" machine.
But how does that explain the appeal to seagulls? Chocolate chips would be a well balanced meal for my kids.
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Relax Max said...

Ah, the allure of the common french fry. The range of aromas is astonishing, but I think it is the ironing board that does it for me. Addicting. :)

River said...

Chips just aren't the same now that most places have switched to Canola oil. lots of places also don't cook them enough, they are pale instead of golden brown. When I order chips now I ask for them to be cooked a bit longer.

Lilly said...

Personally when I order my hot chips I tell them to be light on the ironing board and heavy on the flowers. Its a kind of tricky balance to get it just right.

Anonymous said...

Damn you I am hungry now, and my minion is not home to satisfy my cravings.

Anonymous said...

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