Friday, January 08, 2010

Wet Paper News | KFC Controversy: Colonel's Suit 'Too White'

Still reeling from international outrage over the depiction of West Indies fans at an Australian cricket match, KFC has found itself embroiled in controversy once again, with the image of KFC founder Harlen 'Colonel' Sanders described as being 'too white'. The Colonel, as he is affectionately known, has for years been portrayed wearing his trademark white suit on thousands of KFC restaurants and chicken buckets.

Some advocacy groups have called the suit "an insult to years of struggle", with member Mark Smith telling WPN "Not only is it unstylish, and totally doesn't go with his hair colour, it is also extremely offensive!"

"He's a white man, wearing a white suit, with white hair and a white beard - what kind of message is that sending? He might as well have a swastika on his arm, and a white hood over his head!"

A petition has been drawn up calling for the removal of The Colonel's white suit from the KFC logo, to be replaced by a more stylish 'black, or possibly beige tuxedo'. Shades of green and a look of disgust will also be added The Colonel's face, in attempts to dismiss the stereotype that KFC actually tastes like chicken.

This is just too stupid. The Australian advert was just fun and obviously would not have been screened in the US. Chill out peoples. Life is too short.

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Jayne said...

Just wrote a post about the bs over on my blog, complete and utter crap.