Tuesday, November 08, 2011

BBC News - Kenyan workers given yellow balloons to cheer up


Yazmany Arboleda, the US artist behind the stunt, told the BBC Monday mornings were usually a heavy moment for people.

He said he wanted to give away 10,000 balloons to change this perception.

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I believe strongly that countering grenades with balloons could send an important message”

Yazmany Arboleda
"The big idea is to insert the iconography of celebration... [into] the habitual nature of working life," he told the BBC's Network Africa programme, as a team of his helpers handed out the balloons to hundreds of workers arriving by matatu taxis in central Nairobi early on Monday morning.

"We're celebrating them as they go to work and explaining that art is not just a photograph or a sculpture or a painting - it is this choreographed set of balloons as they spread throughout the city."

Artists speak such wank to justify their work.

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