Saturday, October 03, 2009

A Child is Born: Photographs of the foetus developing in the womb, by Lennart Nilsson - Telegraph

Take over 40 years ago. Just amazing. Such innocence. How can we become so flawed later in life.

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Claudia said...

Such a beautiful child! Thank you for your post.

What breaks my heart: worldwide 30 to 50 millions abortions a year, some in the fifth month of a pregnancy. As a 22-year-old nurse, I saw a 3-month-old foetus, still pulsating with life, left to die in a bedpan. My priority, since then, has been to speak up for the unborn, voiceless children, and to teach proper birth control methods. I hope I saved a few. Never enough, alas!

Claudia said...

It was very difficult to write my first comment on your post. The page kept moving all the time. I wanted to clarify that I was 22, a long, long time ago.