Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tony 'the twister' Blair now wants a free ride on the Euro Express - No Thanks!

No Thanks. Jeff Randall elegantly skewers Tony Blair, whose chance of becoming King of Europe appears to be miraculously disappearing.

During a decade at No 10, Team TB did more to pull apart the fabric of this country's reputation than all the Cambridge traitors. Such was the scale of Mr Blair's betrayal, it's hard to know where to begin. Those of nervous or irritable disposition may wish to look away now.

Britain's border controls were abandoned, prompting a largely irreversible tide of immigration. A flawed concept of multi-culturalism was forced down our throats. It was a triumph for Mr Blair's special brand of political cynicism, concealed, as Sir Andrew Green of MigrationWatch rightly observes, by "dodgy economic camouflage".

Our hard-won EU rebate, worth billions, was handed back – for nothing in return. Mr Blair's desire for approval in Brussels was funded by the sweat of British workers. In his 1997 "Beacon to the World" speech, Mr Blair said that he wanted "Britain to lead in Europe again", but failed to mention the cost. Promises of a referendum on a European constitution were soon forgotten. Instead, sovereignty was surreptitiously transferred across the Channel.

Anyone but Blair. What an awful man.

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James Higham said...

It's probably going to be the Dutchman.