Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gay swans set up nest at British swannery Two... - Equalitopia Blog

Two male swans have ruffled feathers at the world’s only swannery in England after they set up a love nest together, reports The Telegraph.

The happy couple at Abbotsbury Swannery are the only homosexual swans among more than 1,000 birds at the reserve. They are believed to be only the second male pair ever to hook up at the reserve. The pair show no interest in their female companions and only have eyes for each other.

Manager of Abbotsbury Swannery, John Houston, said: “The swans have been nesting together like this for several years and they get together every nesting season and form a nest together.. They sit on the nest and act in every way as if they were a pair expecting to lay eggs.”

Like most couples, the swans are known for the occasional lover’s tiff, but are quick to sort out their differences.

“They just always stay together and I hear that they have some spectacular fights with each other, but they always make up and get back together,” said Mr Houston.

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