Thursday, July 29, 2010

I am waiting for the male version . Where do Aussie Designers Get Off - What a Joke.

The costume, which will be worn by Jesinta Campbell at the competition in Las Vegas next month, features high-heeled Ugg boots, a brown one piece swimming costume hand-painted by an Aboriginal artist and a lamb's wool shrug. The ensemble is topped off by a voluminous flamenco-inspired rainbow skirt.

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What to say other than Ugg boots should not be worn outside the home.


James Higham said...

Just said the same myself. Interesting that your post is near the top of google under Jesinta Campbell.

Colin Campbell said...

It is just so Bogan to wear Ugg boots outside the house

Lauren said...

Yes! I keep saying this exact phrase to myself, and yet...I keep seeing people in their Uggies out of doors. I want to walk up to them with a hand mirror and just say "really?". Oh, but why am I surprised? I now live in a country where foam flip-flops count as "shoes" :-)
Love your blog! Just stumbled upon it because I have been searching for someone in Adelaide who plays the Uilleann pipes and your blog came up. Know anyone?