Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why my German is limited to Achtung, Hande Hoche and Heil Hitler

Browsing the library this morning I came across a compendium of Commando Comics. Great memories of my youth when you knew who the good guys and the bad guys were. It is much harder for my son now with all the virtual games and adventures that he has. Back with the Commando, you could be sure that the Nazi's were nasty and the Brits were brill.

Commando For Action and Adventure, formerly known as Commando War Stories in Pictures, and colloquially known as Commando Comics, are a series of British comic books that primarily draw their themes and backdrops from the various incidents of the World Wars I and II. The comic, still in print today, is noted for its distinctive 7 x 5 1/2 inch, 68 page format that became a standard for these kinds of stories. It has remained more popular than many other British war comics, and some would say British comics in general, despite its simplistic stories and simply sketched black and white artwork, with only the covers in colour.

The stories contain certain characteristic motifs; to mention a few - courage, cowardice, patriotism, dying for the sake of one's country, noble actions, and making a cup of refreshing tea while in the face of danger, enmity turning into friendship when the going gets tough, and so on. Apart from portraying these universal qualities, Commando Comics also show soldiers in national stereotypes, glorifying Allied soldiers, but showing soldiers as a mixture of good and evil[1]. There was usually no continuity between books; each book was a complete story with start and finish, though recently series (2 or 3 stories) of books following the same character have been published.

Bring on Biggles and everything would be fixed.


Mermerch said...

Brings back fond memories and many laughs. These "trash" mags as we called them were currency at our school.

Couldn't help but laugh, like you my German is also limited to Hande Hoche and Actung, and of course, Swine Hunt

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