Monday, February 18, 2008

Bird Shit Inspires Famous Socialist Republic of Barnsley Football Win

A well aimed bird shit inspired the Barnsley Football team to a famous win at Anfield against fellow strugglers, Liverpool.

As the Dickie Bird said, it was the most famous win of his sixty five years of supporting Barnsley.

I wonder if there is any beer left in the town.

My colleague, who is a die hard Liverpool fan was more than a little subdued this morning. All the more so for sitting next to the General Manager, who is a die hard Manchester United fan. I seem to remember a similar result the year Barnsley were in the Premier League in the late 1990s, when they knocked out the mighty Red Devils. My colleague at that time grew up in Barnsley and was more than a little happy.

The joys of the FA Cup. A fantastic competition.

And as for Rafael Benitez. Shit Happens!

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