Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Carbon Neutral Baloney from South Australian Government

Premier for life Mike Rann is going to hit up the taxpayers to meet his environmentally friendly and expensive commitment to reduce the environmental footprint of the government.

"This Government is one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters in the state," he said.

"We hope that our determination to reduce our carbon footprint will, in turn, inspire and encourage industries and other governments to follow our lead, thereby increasing demand for green energy.

"In other words, from little things, big things grow.''

Well Mr Rann how about starting by getting rid of the six and eight cylinder motor fleet that shuttle Ministers and other public servants around the state. How about supporting electric cars and other public transport.

Other governments around the world have made similar pledges, but not in Australia.

New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark has set a target of taking the whole country carbon neutral.

Mr Rann already runs a carbon-neutral Cabinet, with ministers reducing their carbon footprint and buying credits (at tax payers expense) to offset any remaining emissions.

South Australian MPs have been encouraged to follow suit to create a carbon-neutral Parliament.

All very well, but how about some real action and not empty promises from Captain Smiley Empty Promises and his merry bunch of Carbon Neutral Yes Men.

Greenwashing Eat Your Heart Out.


ashleigh said...

They are supposed to be running a solar powered bus :)

And I'm not sure how many 8 cylinder cars they use these days.

And finally... we drive a 4 cylinder Camry. It DRINKS petrol, and its gutless. Over christmas we hired a V6 Toyota Aurion. It had 2-3 times the power and consumed about the same petrol or possibly less. (My very rough calculation over a 1700 km journey was that it was doing around 7 to 8 litres / 100km. Our Camry at home is worse.)

So more cylinders is not always worse, its lousy car design thats bad.

Colin Campbell said...

It is actually owned and run by the Adelaide City Council. I saw it in real life at Elder Park on the weekend as part of the environmental festival. I blogged about this earlier.