Friday, February 29, 2008

Feeling Lonely?

Go to the beach in China.

One of the great things about Adelaide beaches is that they are almost always deserted except for hot days and holidays. This on the otherhand would be my worst nightmare. Where would the dog run? Imagine worrying about losing your kids.


BlissHill said...

I wonder if there's a rule ~ 'Don't pee in the water?'

Brings on a whole new angle to going for a swim.

Colin Campbell said...

I did think of this, but I was in a charitable mood this morning. One of the things that I didn't adjust well to living in Asia was having people crowded around you all the time. Asians seem to thrive on that. Me, give me some solitude.

jmb said...

Imagine surfing in a crowd like that. Although there don't seem to be decent waves there.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is crazy. No wonder they are only allowed to have 1 child per family


Lightening said...

Oh my! When we go to the beach, we're often the only ones there!!! That would be a truly horrible experience. I'd be staying home under the air con!