Friday, January 25, 2008

At the Cricket

Tendulkar and Laxman Batting. Laxman is the tall guy in the middle.

The Adelaide Famous Score Board documents the progress of Tendulkars innings, while the Barmy Aussies play with beach balls (and drink beer).

The latest style of Baggy Green Caps. Modified Sombreros. Excellent for Sun Protection.

Adelaide Oval was at its glorious best yesterday for the fourth test between Australia and India. This year we have seats in the Chappell Stand in the shade. Much nicer than being sweltered and drowned out by the Barmy Army under the scoreboard. The only down side is that they are only serving XXXX beer. Thanks Darren. More than made up by lunch at the Lions Head, one of the best pubs in Adelaide. They have Coopers Pale on tap, so you can recover your taste buds. Oh well can't complain. A fun time was had and back again today. Bounteous thanks to my wonderful employer.

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jmb said...

Laxman is the tall guy in the middle.

That's why you watch it on TV and you can drink any beer you like.