Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Don't Do this at Home

There are many things that we do at home that we would not do at work under the paternalistic occupational health and safety dogma that seems to pervade risk management at work. We have a strong safety culture at work, but some of the stuff that is being adopeted is getting a bit loony. Don't get me going on the politically correct stuff either.

One of the things that we have to do is to get the outside electrical system set up properly. The previous owners had extension cords going everywhere, including to the pool. This reminded me to get on to it. The photograph has been all over blogworld and I have seen it a number of times. That said, it is worth saying, don't do this. The alcohol will not be the only thing frying your brains. I used to see this sort of stuff a lot in countries like the Philippines and Nepal. That said, our last house had some of the most astonishingly dangerous wiring. Prime candidate for an electrical fire.

And as for this one. I hate chainsaws. I worked in a saw mill in my younger days and none of the older guys had all their fingers. I would suggest passing if somebody asks you to hold the water melon while he cuts.


Jayne said...

Heart palpitations!
EEK again!

jmb said...

No fingers from the chainsaw reminds me of the patient we had in our hospital. When he started hid chainsaw, it kicked up and cut into his neck! Amazingly he did live, but was months in the hospital and every time I see someone use one I think of this poor fellow.

jams o donnell said...

Yikes. I think these people must be on the way to homourable mentions in the Darwin Awards!

James Higham said...

Self-actualizing tendency - they die.

Anonymous said...

I saw the pool pic on some other blog. I'd rather take my chances with the chainsaw than the light socket.

Robyn Rinehart Art said...

This gung ho stuff is fine, until it goes pear shaped. As someone who foolishly cut her leg with a circular saw, it makes my blood curdle.

We heard a story this morning of someone who had his chainsaw kick back and cut him in the groin. He bled to death on his own.

The pool electrics... would your safety switch kick in on that and turn off the power??

Shades said...

The pool is probably not quite as dangerous as it looks- it would simply short out the circuit and blow the fuse. After all, the pool isn't earthed, unless someone earths it by being on the outside with a limb or two in the water.

Indeed, water heaters in large buildings are often three exposed electrodes in a tank, earthed for safety. The current flows between the electrodes, giving a heating effect. (This only works on AC, DC would generate hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis).

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