Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tom Moody - Haggis Hurler Extraordinaire

One of the great things about summer in Australia is the cricket and although I don't watch it too much (who has time for that), I like to listen to it on the ABC. While I really like Kerry O'Keefe, there are many other very knowledgeable pundits who put out over the air waves.

This week they have had Tom Moody, a very tall former test cricketer, former Sri Lanka coach and currently coach with the Western Warriors. As they do with the rambling form of commentary, they got onto tangential areas, namely haggis hurling.

Apparently during the 1989 tour of the UK, the Australians played a match against Scotland (don't laugh) it wasn't rained out. While they were in the land of the haggis, Tom and some of his cricket buddies resplendent in kilts were guests at a highland games. While there he competed in the haggis hurling competition and threw a haggis 230 feet into the car park, denting a car and taking the unofficial world record. The snooty Scots don't recognise him as the world record holder, preferring somebody who threw 50 feet less.

So now you know.

Based on some of the ineffective bowling over the last few days and a desire to play night test matches, perhaps some red haggises could be a way forward for cricket in Australia.

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Anonymous said...

It'd be more interesting than the cricket.
The perils of spawning sons... they like to have sport on the tv....