Sunday, March 09, 2008

Bush Killing Fields Montage

All Servicemen killed in Iraq.


franscud said...

I keep reading and seeing stories that convince me we should bring the whole lot of them up on war crimes when they're finally out of office (2008 winner of the Academy Award for best documentary, for example). I'm sure that's just wishful thinking though.

Colin Campbell said...

Well connected oil men have a lot of powerful friends (and lawyers). I definitely agree that there is just cause to proceed.

It was very sad that John Howard had to retreat to a conservative think tank do in Washington to defend his record. He is so yesterdays man, as will your leader be shortly.

Do you think that Obama can outlast the Clinton juggernaught, dirty tricks and all.

franscud said...

I hope Obama can make it, but I'm a bit worried it will end up being negotiated between the two at the convention. Right now it's looking like they may split the remaining delegates and neither will have enough to win the nomination outright. A resolution to the Michigan and Florida messes may change that. I'm sure you don't envy us our strange process :).

Anonymous said...

Yep bring back Saddam and the good ole days, a much misunderstood socialist.