Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter Week

Happy Easter from The Easter Bunny

and from Mrs Easter Bunny

and from the cutie Easter Bunnies

and from Ben and Daisy the real Easter Bunnies

and from before Easter Lunch

and after Easter Lunch

and from Ryan and his class mates

and Hannah and her classmates

Last night I was doing some shopping along with the masses at a Woolworths supermarket that I have not quite mastered in terms of its layout. Why are they all slightly different. I had found everything (well almost everything) and needed eggs, which despite having a prominantly labelled aisle, which I had failed to spot were all but invisible. I asked the checkout chick, who was bound to know and was quickly pointed over to the specials corner where hordes of shopping baskets were being filled with chocolate chickens and eggs to spread the joy. We both laughed when she realised that I was looking for the real thing. Even then she was not sure. I am sure Supermarkets lay things out this way to make you explore all aisles (and buy lots of unnecessary stuff).

I used to work in night fill and it was amazing to me how many products I didn't buy (and would never buy). Doing that kind of work, you were forced to discover the location of some very unnecessary and some borderline inedible products.

While on the Easter theme, I was looking for images for an Easter Bunny gag at work and came across this one. Very confronting image from 1942 in Hawaii, where even little kids had to have a gas mask. It certainly wouldn't want to make me want the Easter Bunny to come.

The Easter season in Hawaii coincides the year with the manufacture of "bunny" masks designed to provide gas protection for infants. The hoods are being made here by agencies working in cooperation with the office of civilian defense under the supervision of the department of chemical warfare.

Makes me feel lucky to live where and when we do. Humans have a great strength in dealing with adversity, but I prefer what I have.

On a more up beat note, Elizabeth bought a bunch of small Easter eggs and we left work early and the kids gave them out to their classmates. A very fun and rewarding end to a harrassing week of employment. I finally got to be the Easter Bunny after all. Now for four days of not too much. We will have our traditional easter egg hunt for the first time in our new house. Elizabeth has been doing that since the kids were little. Even although they are older, the lure of chocolate is very strong.

Many South Australians take to the road for this holiday to be with family. It is always considered quite a dangerous time because of some of the long distances that are travelled. One of the things that they do here during long weekends is driver reviver centres, where small communities on the road to wherever (there is a lot of that here in South Australia) host places where tired drivers can stop to take a break. I like that kind of community minded thinking that is very visible here. For me, packing the kids into the car after a long week at work and driving a long distance, I couldn't think of anything worse. We are staying home mostly. That is my kind of holiday at this stage in my life.

Happy Easter everyone, whatever you are doing.


Anonymous said...

You and your family make very attractive Easter Bunnies. Thanks for sharing your good times.

Anonymous said...

I do think that's the first time I've enjoyed Easter greetings with all of the essentials: (a) bunnies, cute, real and fake; (b) eggs, hidden, fake and real; and (c) that remarkable bunny-eared baby bunting gas mask outfit, to remind us how far we have come as a civilization... or something. Thank you. Enough to bring a lurker out of her candy-coated shell.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Easter post! I am in the process of trying to write mine and it pales into insignificance with yours.

Happy Easter to you and yours and your bunnies.