Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hamburger Helper II Marks Ten Years

Another generation of Hamburger Helper is helping to save (or ruin) marriages all over the world.

Impotence Australia's president, Brett McCann, says: "We can keep going on with researchers saying men shouldn't be so focused on their penis, but we just are — that's the bottom line."
Speaking of the real somewhat culinary stuff, which I have not seen for years, I wonder if it is served off the bone? I see from the article that it was in the top three for top food fads of the 1970s in America. Scots would have been proud to have been associated with such a dull food product.

Pfizer claims around 1.8 billion erections have been stimulated at around $10 a pop since the blue bomber was introduced. And that does not include the gazillions of Viagra knock offs that clog up our email spam inboxes. I wonder if you can spice up spam with Hamburger Helper?


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Jayne said...

Drat! Here I thought it was 100's and 1000's for hubby's late night snack!