Saturday, March 29, 2008

Live Blogging Earth Hour

Sydney where it all started. Before and after shots.

7.40 Lights Out

7.45 Lights Still Out

OK I am just joking. I think that would defeat the purpose and intent of Earth Hour.

That said, it is easy to be cynical about Earth Hour, but I am encouraged by the short conversation that I had with my kids, who thought it was a jolly good idea and could we do it every day.

Increasing awareness, especially amongst young people has to make sense, especially since they are the generation who will really have to deal with it.

Ten minutes to go in Adelaide and all the lights are still out. Sponge Bob and the Fridge are the major power movers. Cold beer and quiet kids are a small sacrifice in the quest for the greater good.

7.55 Lights Still Off......

Enjoy whatever you did or are going to do without your lights.

*Switches Computer Off*

10.14 Lights still out

* Family sleeps*

Seriously that was stressful, with candles and kids. I was burned badly when I was little and open flame and kids make me nervous.

OK Power Producers, you can crank it up again. Let the carbon emissions flow (tomorrow).

We will be able to claim about 12 hours and feel environmentally virtuous for a week.


Anonymous said...

I was going to ignore Earth Hour, until my 11 year old got up on her soapbox. We've just passed a very pleasant hour: they read by candle light (carbon neutral candles, of course!) and I chilled out by listening to my MP3 player. Not sure whether or not batteries are environmentally friendly, but at least I tried :)

Colin Campbell said...

We are back in full carbon emitting mode. Thank goodness. Candles and kids are dangerous. So stressful.

Carver said...

I know what you mean about it being good to raise awareness with children while at the same time being somewhat cynical about how much good it does. I read an article which mentioned that it may not seem like much but that the more people who are involved the more politicians will see that people care. The point was that basically global warming is a political issue which needs to keep being brought up for the politicians to see that people care. I know what you mean about being nervous with small children and candles. I would be too.

I mentioned Earth hour to my daughter who is an adult and in law school for international and human rights law. She said, sorry mom, I think I'd lose my research assistant position if I turn the lights out during a gathering of lawyers from around the world that I have to be at. She did say she'd turn her outdoor light off and get her key into her door in the dark. Of course then I had to worry about her by herself fumbling with her key late at night. I breathed a sigh of relief this morning when I turned on my computer and saw her IM name on my buddy list showing me that she made it home safely. Can you tell I'm having trouble believing my child is a real grown up, ha.

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