Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Greenwashing Spreads to Beer

Not content with brewing crap beer, Fosters have decided to tackle the touchy feel green beer market. Not the lets get pissed St Patricks Day variety, but the latte sipping variety.

The new brew is, unimaginatively, called Cascade Green, and not only have all the greenhouse emissions, from the growing of the hops to the recycling of the green bottle and label, been included, but it's low-calorie, too.

Cascade Green's carbon offsets come from burning off methane gas from Tasmanian landfills and converting it to electricity, but will not include methane emissions derived from the beer's consumption.

The Fosters-owned boutique brewery is confident its rigorous certification process will stand up to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's clampdown on misleading environmentally friendly claims.

But does it taste any good? Gag!


James Higham said...

Still, better than Coopers or any of that bilge, Colin, don't you think? :)

Colin Campbell said...

Coopers Pale has a green cap and label. That is enough. In all seriousness, a carbon neutral beer by itself, just has no appeal.

James Higham said...


Grendel said...

Sounds truly awful.

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