Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy 50th Birthday Peter Costello

With more of Australian Treasurer Peter "Stab The Boss in the Back" Costello's plots against our glorious leader seeing the light of day and with polls continuing to plunge, Peter has bought some moral boosting pyjamas.

At least he might be the Leader of the Opposition some day.

He was on TV denying all these scurrilous accusations. You can always tell he is lying, because he smirks, fidgets, moves around and doesn't look into the camera. Alexander Downer on Lateline was similarly defensive, with his trademark journeyman lying gestures of joking and smirking. He also used the ultimate defence of "Would you trust the word of three journalists over the Treasurer?"

Well yes actually, I would.

Meanwhile Wilson Tuckey sent a fax to the Member for Bennelong suggesting he do the right thing. Unfortunately he also sent it to a bunch of other MPs. Naughty Wilson, you've done it again.

With friends like Peter and Wilson, John President for Life Howard must wonder where to turn.

Kevin Rudd has not had to say anything substantive for weeks as the Coalition implodes, with more bad news almost every day. He doesn't even need Karl Rove.

Personally I think that Wilson Tuckey would make an excellent leader for the Liberals. It would be very entertaining.

Politicians, you gotta love them.

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