Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Adelaide Gardeners Revolt

The common citizen gardeners are revolting against a requirement that they cannot water their gardens, except using buckets. The talk back radio waves are full of angry upstanding citizens ranting against the State Labor Governments attack on gardeners rights and the injustice of old ladies getting up early to walk around with buckets to preserve their gardening treasures. With temperatures already in the high twenties and no rain, it is a real issue for many people.

On the weekend the Murdoch Rag had a serious double page spread on the issues of watering gardens, drippers and the like and the need for water economy, which nobody doubts. The major advertiser on the page supporting this was a swimming pool company promising swimming pools by Christmas. You can't fill them, but you can get them installed. Perhaps you can fill it with buckets. For a rainwater tank on the other hand, that would be about 9 months in some cases.



jmb said...

Haven't they heard of the hose gun attachments which you turn on and off as you drag your hose from one plant or tree to the other? That's what we have to use here in water shortage times. Very sensible for not wasting water.

Colin Campbell said...

Yes they have and they are not allowed at this time. This is becoming a wedge political issue and foreshadows a dramatic repricing of water and much needed investment in alternative sources. Adelaide is heavily dependent on the River Murray and even though all the reservoirs are full, long term supply is not quaranteed because of a shortage of water in the catchment of the River Murray.

ashleigh said...

Very very annoyed. Its silly.

Stuff em I say.

Not even drippers. For heavens sakes, the most efficient watering is not permitted.

Buckets lead to bad watering, it runs off instead of soacking in.

Sends all the wrong messages.

Somebody needs their head examined.

Colin Campbell said...

And some. Reading the papers this week, it is clear that the current government has woefully underestimated this issue and will need to do some radical readjustments before people get really mad.

I mean how is hoping and praying for rain good public policy.

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