Saturday, September 08, 2007

Catching them Young

Ryan is completely obsessed with this beer commercial, which is really only shown during Footy matches. It has got to be one of the most expensive ads ever made, judging by the people involved. It was filmed in New Zealand and very scenic too.

He has requested the CD, the DVD and has had me research it using Google. He has also watched the advert over and over on the internet, although the quality is not too good. The YouTube version has been taken off for music copyright violation. I hate that stuff. The music is Carmina Burana, which I have a copy of somewhere and which I quite like. Actually I prefer Catulli Carmina.

These guys may just have to wait a few years for their campaign to kick in.

Branding it is a powerful thing.

Update: Theo came through with a nice playable version.


Theo Spark said...

I have it posted on Dailymotion

Sir James Robison said...

Great to see him developing a taste for the amber fluid so young.

jmb said...

Ugh, I couldn't get it to play without huge delays.
I love Carmina Burana and once sang it, along with 200 others, members of the Hurlstone Choral Society and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Colin Campbell said...

My singing career is limited to the Cupar Choral Society in Fife Scotland. I think it is interesting that a choral piece like that would capture my sons imagination (leaving aside the beer).

Bag said...

Excellent. I like this sort of music. Especially in films like the Omen. The orginialset not seen the new one.