Thursday, September 20, 2007

Singh's Six Six Slogs Singes and Subdues England in World Twenty20

Englands Twenty20 World Championships ended in a blaze of glory (for the other guys), when Yujraj Singh blasted six sixes in an over from Stewart Broad at the same time setting a world record with a 50 in 12 balls.

Yuvraj is the fourth man to complete the perfect over, after Garry Sobers, Ravi Shastri and Herschelle Gibbs. The first two instances came in domestic first-class matches; the most recent was in South Africa's World Cup game against Holland in March. But no one had previously achieved the feat against a Test-playing nation. Yuvraj's barrage – which also took him to 50 in an international record of 12 balls – was the final insult in England's execrable Twenty20 campaign.

Yet again, we English have given the world a new game – or at least a new refinement of an old game – and watched our sportsmen lose at it. Ten days ago, Paul Collingwood was predicting that the domestic experience of the team's Twenty20 specialists would give them an edge. Now his team have slunk shamefully out of the tournament. They remain the only major country not to have won a world one-day competition of any kind.

He must have been using some of this to enhance his performance.

England will have to invent another game that they can be good at.

Thanks for the Good News Telegraph Online


Dr. James P. Holdren said...

England's demise is cultural. They're too nicy-nicy to the opposition.

jmb said...

I don't know what to think of 20/20. Indeed it must be exciting, as proven here and different countries are good at it which is a good thing. (Pakistan beat Australia!)
The perfect over! What more can a cricket fan ask?

" we English " Bite your tongue Colin.

Colin Campbell said...

JMB I was quoting from our good friends at the Telegraph. I am a bit English when it comes to cricket, where I have a great deal of sympathy. It is excellent office fodder to back the Poms in cricket. My wife still rolls her eyes and thinks that I have had more than enough time to get behind the Aussies. Also my kids are very Australian and I am sure would think that I was completely loopy to support the English.

Not too much else however, when it comes to my English cultural ties.

Colin Campbell said...

As for Twenty20, it is a bit whiz bang and a lot of luck dictates the outcome. As long as there is not too much of it, I say bring it on.

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