Thursday, September 13, 2007

What Drugs is this Guy On?

The new South African head of the International Cricket Council Ray Mali is talking up the potential of the currently very poor Zimbabwe One Day Cricket Team.

"The programmes that they have which I believe they will take cricket far and it has been demonstrated by what we saw over the last three one-day games, especially yesterday (Sunday) when Zimbabwe was almost there.

"And I believe these boys - if they are given a chance to play for the next three years as one unit - they will be at the top of world rankings.

"It is not a dream, I believe it can be done. Zim Cricket will have to continue exposing these boys to higher class, intensive cricket all the time. Zimbabwe Cricket will have my support, they will have the support of ICC with this type of cricket that has been demonstrated over the last few days," said Mali.

The former president of the United Cricket Board of South Africa also praised the ZC leadership, saying they have managed to have a sustained development programme that ensures a constant supply of talent.

"At the same time I am excited by the involvement of schools in the cricket set-up which augurs well for the future because I believe with the participation of schools, from the Under-11 age-group up to the top, it means the future of cricket in this country is guaranteed.

"There will be a constant flow of players going up and the quality of leadership that has been assigned to look after the cricket here is of the highest quality that you can find anywhere in the world. It compares well with what we have in South Africa and other parts of the world."

Is this the same country that the somewhat corrupt Mr Mugabe is running (into the ground). Obviously all that money is being funnelled into cricket rather than feeding the population.

In other news Cherie Blair is in the running for Miss World, George Bush has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his work in Iraq and David Beckham is not a prima donna.

Where do these people come from? I mean it is nice to be nice to your neighbours, but a little reality would be more appropriate. By this reckoning, Scotland have a shot at the top rankings in cricket. How can I get a job like that?

I had exquisite timing in writing that post, with Zimbabwe beating Australia in the Twenty20 World Cup last night. You could get odds of 50 to 1 for the match before it started. Not bad for a 50:50 result outccome. Oh well perhaps Ray Mali can keep his job.


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