Wednesday, September 12, 2007

John Howards Visionary New Reelection Strategy

Ready for Take Off????
Leader in (Long Long) Waiting Peter Fly Like an Eagle Costello or Howard in Tights?

King John Winston Howard Fourth Term Emperor of Her Majesty's Antipodean Retreat, today unveiled a bold new reelection plan for his coalition groupies, to retire, if reelected.

It must be that vision thing. What was that fairy story about that Emperor with No Clothes. Come on Australia. Toss this guy out. Pass the wheelchair Peter, Alexander, Malcolm, Tony..... Anybody????

What arrogance, summed up elegantly by this gentleman.

And these people. I read the article and the comment thread and there was not one positive comment about our glorious leader. I am beginning to think that the polls may be underestimating things.

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