Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Bar is Where the Heart is

This kind of stuff is parochial and pretentious bollocks. Woopdee Doo that some Aussie bars made it into the Top 100. This one looks like a cruise ship.

A bar should be where you are, preferably within walking distance. Architectural icons and lounges that look like museums and offices are not very appealling as many of these appear to be.

Do they serve good beer should be the first rule. Can I get to them should be close behind. Everything else is just a little unimportant darling.

Frankly it is a bit sad that the top rated bar is in Dubai, a country where none of the locals drink is a bit rich. They are trying to promote Aussie Rules Football there in a country where nobody plays or watches the game. Oh yes, they have money and they are willing to shell out for a bunch of rich young 20 somethings to chase a ball around for a couple of hours and then get shellacked in the bar afterwards. Perhaps there is a connection.

So lets all fly around the world, burning up carbon to drink in unknown bars with no mates????


James Higham said...

Where did you say that bar was located?

Nunyaa said...

Looks a bit posh for me.

Colin Campbell said...

The one in the picture is Thailand.