Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How About Some Decent Broadband First?

This is a party political broadcast on behalf of the Telstra Party.

If you think that petrol is expensive, wait until they have a more robust monopoly to provide internet services. Coming soon to your neighbourhood. Crap and expensive telecommunications services. If you don't like it suckers, buy a carrier pigeon.

Forget conference calls or video crosses - beaming your hologram interstate for a live chat is closer to becoming a household reality.

In what Telstra says is a national first, the telco beamed a mobile three dimensional image of its chief technology officer, Hugh Bradlow, from Melbourne to Adelaide to give a live business presentation.

Perhaps he could be beamed into every home, along with Sol so that Australians could throw virtual rocks at them.

He could start be telling Australia about why Telstra locks up existing installed technology to provide faster internet to working families as part of their commercial strategy, charges a fortune for their current shonky fraudband and plans to establish an unaffordable monoply to rip of Australian internet users. These guys need to be reined in and held to account.

As he said in his presentation, this hologram technology is a few years off. Based on current plans it is a few centuries off. Some of our not too distant neighbourhoods cannot access even basic broadband. An experiment to provide greater access to areas like that has been canned by the Rudd Government. The hidden hand of Telstra is everywhere when it comes to telecommunications.

Seems to me that RuddCo have to shit or get off the pot and give other players a real level playing field in the fibre to the house (or something like that) battle that is just about to develop as the tender to bring faster broadband to more of Australia is announced. Competitors are only grudgingly being given basic information on Telstras network. How can you develop a meaningful tender if only one party, has access to all the juicy information and is essentially the incumbent.

Go the Anybody But Telstra Telecommunications Consortiums.

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