Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dumayat Hill Race

Notes from our Scottish Hill Racing Correspondent, Jocko McMasochism.

I ran Dumyat Hill Race on Wednesday. First time I've done it. It was a great evening with good weather and great views. The mess below is the read out from my Garmin. Off to do Ben Lomond today!

My brother must be a grade A masochist
. I did this race in 1982 when I was involved in sports at Stirling University. The view of of Dumyat is the view from my office when I was President of the Sports Union in 1983. I can remember that my time was a lot more than Neil's and that I was totally knackered at the end. I used to like to meander slowly up hills, not run, although running down some sections was great.


Jocko McMarsbar said...

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James Higham said...

Did McMarsbar, McMasochist or McSadist run that race?

CalumCarr said...

Round about 1982ish I ran both the Dumyat and Ben Lomond races.

Ben Lomond I remember. I got to the top in 48min - same time as the winner took for whole race - and then I came down in 28min.

On the flat in the last few hundred yards,just before the Rowardennan Hotel. a friend (injured and unable to run) suggested I should put on a spurt. I glanced round, saw no-one near, and said, "F*** Off".