Friday, May 16, 2008

Childhood Hero Day June 13th

The first Captain Underpants book.Image via WikipediaMegan at Imaginif is promoting Childhood Hero Day on June 13th.

As the website explains:

Every child needs a hero. Heroes don’t need superpowers. Heroes are adults who can help children to understand and feel safe in a rapidly changing world. In a time when children are feeling uncertain about their future, heroes give children confidence, share their worries and celebrate their successes. Heroes help children work out their relationships, understand what is happening to them as they grow and develop and share time with them.

Heroes play a pivotal role in the lives of children. In the increasingly hectic pace of life and with the pressures of work, it can be easy to lose sight of the heroes children need us to be for them. Children need adults to care for them, be interested in their lives and keep them safe. Childhood heroes make a profound and lasting difference for children throughout their entire lives.

Ryan wore a Spiderman outfit almost every day for over a year when he was around 4. It was very important. Other Superheros have been around, but not as important as that.

Here is the current hero, Captain Underpants, inspired by the books by Dav Pilkey. Both Hannah and Ryan are reading them at the moment. Ryan wore this to school yesterday and entertained his class with his outrageous swaggering and his Bucktooth Monster sock puppet that he had made the previous night at Joey Scouts.

I'll do my bit, but I am not wearing underpants on my head.


Nunyaa said...

It is increasingly difficult when other influences inform kids that they can do certain things, mainly things that are against parents wishes. All children need to be protected but the ideas of those who wield power over families are NOT always correct. Have seen enormous mistakes by those who are supposed to protect kids.

katekatekatekate said...

My son loves captain underpants.
He actully reads the books which is quite an achievement for him.

-TNChick- said...

My son loves those Captain Underpants book. I don't think he looks to it as a hero tho... I'm not sure who his hero would be, I'll have to ask him.

Megan from Imaginif.com.au said...

lol...Colin don't knock the "underpants on head" until you've tried it.

Thanks for helping to promote Childhood Hero Day. You are my first $1.00 donation (on top of my personal donation) to the Aust C'hood Foundation.

Nunyaa is right - sometimes the statutory protectors make mistakes and the child and family pays the cost. That's why I always choose to support grass roots and community sector child protection issues.

Lil Jimmy said...

I should think you're the childhood hero for your two.

Anonymous said...


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