Monday, May 26, 2008

Dean Windass Hull Local Hero

When Dean Windass scored the winning goal for Hull City to secure promotion to the English Premier League for the first time, there was a certain symnetry.

Born in Hull (Where?), he started off as a builder before starting for Hull City in 1991. He was a bit of a naughty boy when he was at Aberdeen and was shown a red card three times in one game. One for a second bookable offence, one for verbally abusing the referee and one for kicking the corner flag. Graham Poll eat your heart out.

Now back at Hull at the age of 39 he scored the winning goal at the twilight of his career to give them the chance to get thumped by the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool next season. The citizens of Hull are thankful. Much better than grinding it out against Doncaster and the like.

He can swan song for a few seasons and retire in style. He will likely never have to buy a beer again.

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