Sunday, December 14, 2008

Can you tweet and ride a camel at the same time?

Nice Photograph by Gary Hayes

As Australians are being softened up to eat more Camel, I have to say that this is a much better use of these ugly but graceful animals.

Thanks Gary Hayes and Laurel Papworth (who has tweeted from a camel).

Oh by the way, come on down. The Australian Tourist Board would love to arrange for you to ride a Camel.
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Leslie said...

What a gorgous picture! Now camels... not something you see every day!

I saw one in a paddock off a main highway here in Canberra once. I've never forgotten it.

Laurel Papworth said...

Yeah kiddo, you need to attribute that photo to Gary. Looks like it's on your server rather than a flickr embed, so it won't be obvious it's not your photo. I think he has a CC licence?

<3 Laurel aka @SilkCharm

Colin Campbell said...

Your blogetiquette tips highly appreciated. I have done some attributional stuff. I am a bit lazy about that stuff. Nice set of photos and did you really tweet from a camel?

Laurel Papworth said...

Yes I did :) i got into trouble - Gary took a photo of me (he was behind me, also perching precariously on camel). It's a boring photo. I'm just looking down at my Nokia N95, oblivious, pressing keypad buttons. Heh.

Lilly said...

It is a great photo but there is no way you are going to get me to eat camels any more than I will kangaroos.

Gary Hazlitt said...

Thanks Colin - my Camel called Malachai was tethered behind SilkCharm's (Solomon) and kept sticking his nose in parts of SilkCharm where a camel's nose shouldn't go! Hence the strange characters in her tweets!

Again thanks for the 3 links to my flickr site?!? My main link is personalizemedia.com of course :)

Best Gary

Gary Hazlitt said...

Umm - where did GaryHazlitt come from in the previous comment...technology *groans*

Anonymous said...

Got there in the end...flippin blogspot!

jmb said...

Wow those photos are amazing. God's own country for sure. Well now we eat buffalo again, who is to say if camel is not an option. Low fat is it?