Sunday, December 28, 2008


With the cricket on television and the South Africans putting it to the Aussies, I have gone all lazy when it comes to domestic duties. I am well set up on the back verandah with the television and the computer and intermittent visits from my family. Cooking is very far from my agenda for today.

Looking for inspiration about what to cook, I read this over at Jayne's excellent blog and it made me laugh.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu -Take a brace of hares, 6 kgs of bacon fat, 3 cabbages, a couple of handfuls of sugar.Toss, firmly, into the rubbish bin....and get some fish and greasy's.
Especially since that was what my wife brought home after her quick trip to the shops this morning. 

As we speak, the kids are trying to catch our pet rabbits. Perhaps they have plans for a variation of Grandma Mehitabel's Menu. I am sure that I could improvise. My grandmother used to serve up rabbit from time to time. I never liked the little bones. 

Perhaps it will have to be Rabbit and Chips.


River said...

Stuff the rabbit, (into the bin) and just eat the chips....

Colin Campbell said...

I agree. Rabbit is way overrated as food source.

jmb said...

Ugh we ate rabbit a lot when I was a kid. It was cheap.

Then myxomatosis was introduced into Australia to curb the growth of rabbits and people stopped eating them.

I still don't care for rabbit although it is very chichi again.

Jayne said...

Rabbit aka underground mutton is only good for desperate times and stuffing up a good paddock ;)