Thursday, December 25, 2008

WTF Where are the Corgis?

I'm A Dinner Jacket to go prime time with Alternate Christmas Message on UK Live TV.

"Dear Moronic Misguided Christian Capitalist Swine Fellow Citizens of the Future Islamic Nation, let me tell you my plan for a better life. First I plan to offer a new way of living to take over the World BWAHAHAHAHA!....."

Seems the Great and the Good didn't like it.

It is an interesting idea. All the news we get is so sanitised, I think that potentially going to the horses mouth is a good thing. People should be sophisticated enough to realise the agenda at play. At least some of what he had to say made sense and was based on consensus opinion. You can take with a pinch of salt the rest. I mean who believes everything that comes out of El Gordo's and for that matter any other politicians mouths?

I'm a politician and I am here to help?
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1 comment:

Miles McClagan said...

Julian Clarys alternative Xmas message was a lot less iron fist and more fist as double entendre...