Friday, April 18, 2008

Our Fish Have Names

Ryan and I were in our very nice neighbourhood pet shop yesterday and impulsively bought four more fish. We now have a family of Shibunkins, Comets, Fan Tails and Moors, including the two nameless ones that we already had. They are somewhat more real now that Ryan has given them names. So *roll drums* Introducing:

Silver Fish
Little Thing
Darth Vader
See Through
Gold Checkered


It is so great to spend time with the kids, during the holidays, but time alone with each of them is very special. Mum and Hannah have gone to visit Granny and so Ryan and I are just hanging out enjoying the sunny Autumn day.

While we were at it, he decided that he couldn't name the seven budgies today. Too many other things to do. So they will just remain "The Budgies"


jmb said...

See through? Charming.

Colin Campbell said...

My favourite animal names were the two geese that my mother had for two geese. Mahatma and Gander. Honk.

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