Thursday, April 17, 2008

What? Nae Haggis?

Maw. When am gettin aw nostalgic ye'll ken what tae send.

Thanks Tartan Cross Parcels


James Higham said...

What brought all this on, Colin?

Unknown said...

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Jayne said...

What, no porridge or a spurtle ?!
I'm shocked ! :P

Colin Campbell said...

When I first met my wife I told her about the Scots method of storing porridge, where large quantities of porridge would be brewed and poured into a special chest of drawers like food container to cool. In the morning, everyone would go and cut out a chunk. She is still mad with me about that one. She asked my brother whether he had one when we went to visit and unfortunately for me she got the wrong answer.

The funny thing about these kinds of care packages is that you can buy most of the items in a Coles or Woolworths.

Anonymous said...

yeah, caramel by the looks of it. So that goes well with Haggis?

Anonymous said...


Sorry to take so long to find your blog, the picture of our Tartan Cross Parcel contents and your link to our site.

We are surprised that you claim that the items are available in your local stores as all the items are made in Scotland! And as far as we are aware the combination is unique to Tartan Cross Parcels.

We take pride in the fact that we provide a quality product at an affordable price (note we are not making huge profits or any profit at the moment?).

As for haggis, it's shelf life and difficulties in sending it through the post prohibited us from including it in our selection.


The Tartan Cross Parcel team